Friday, March 27, 2015

Samples the Dylusions way

As you can imagine a great deal of my time is made up of making samples, journal pages, tags, canvas boards, cards etc.

But we don't approach sample making in the way people feel we would.

I very, very rarely make anything from start to finish in one go!! That takes too much concentration and thinking. Because of my Bipolar and ADHD I am too easily distracted with other things, shiny or otherwise, lol. So I do lots of the same thing at one time, then switch onto something else. This way I build up lots of the individual components needed and it is a simple case of pulling them all together for the finished article.

For eg., today I am finishing up a butt load of tag samples and this is how.

Sheets and sheets of stamped images…

and stamped quotes…

After a cutting out session this is what you have…

Ready made tags from all the demoing…

mix and match images and quotes onto the tags…

Get out your water brushes filled with neat Dylusions ink…

Colour in accents on the images…

And voila, stand back and admire your handiwork…

Here's a few finished today…

Enjoy xx

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Whats been happening in Dy's world…???

First of all, I had a birthday…

Yes, another one, by crikey!!!

I spent it at one of my favourite hotels, La Rosa, in Whitby.

I had my hair quoiffed…I'm quite liking the straight look, for a change..

I spent a week filming videos…

This is the start of the week

And this is how I feel at the end, lol..

This week the fabulous Dina Wakely is teaching in our shop, Art from the Heart, so she flew in a bit early so we could get tons of work done.

We always start with a production meeting, and what better place than the famous Betty"s of Harrogate.

Then it was back to Reaveley Towers to film another online class for our Back2Back series.

Early start the next day and back to Betty's for a traditional breakfast.
Nothing beats a good British sausage in the morning !!

We managed to squeeze in a little bit of retail therapy and then it was back to the Tower for more filming.

Here's to a fabulous weekend

Whatever you're up to 

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

News from the retreat

The fabulous Dina Wakely and I have just finished teaching an art retreat in Sunny Florida, organised by the wonderful Michelle McCosh from Everything Scrapbook and Stamps, in Lake Worth.

You might not have heard much about it before the event because it sold out fully in nine days, lol.

The event was held at the Duncan Centre

and was perfect for what we wanted it for.

We started off on the Friday with all 60 women in one room experiencing the true back to back style off me and Dina teaching. 

The wonderful Michelle getting the proceedings going.

By the end of the day we had over half of the art journal all prepped and ready to go.

The next two days we split the groups into two to have more intensive classes.

My Saturday girls

And my Sunday girls

We worked, we laughed, we ate, we played, we snorted, we sang, we forged friendships, we BECAME !!!!

Love this picture right at the end when we were all dropping on our feet.

We even wore out the animals…

Michelle and her wonderfully assistant Nancy worked their socks off to make the retreat the success it was. They will need to lie down for a least a week to recover, and I hope you will all join me in saluting them for their hard work!!!

We are definitely planning on repeating this event again so keep your eyes peeled for any news, just remember not to be too slow or we may well sell out again. you snooze you loose, lol

Thurs night we escaped before the mayhem started to a fabulous restaurant right on the waters edge. The Old Key Lime House, where they serve fish to die for and the biggest pieces of key lime pie I have ever seen.

The weather in Florida was absolutely beautiful although I have never heard so many complaints when it dropped to 65!!! Softies…

I am now safely ensconced in my little cubby hole at Ranger Headquarters, looking out at a gorgeous view of snow!!!! Yup its freezing, lol.

Enjoy xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott